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The options you have are - 

$50 for five months - $25 Voucher
$60 for six months - $35 Voucher
$65 for eight months - $60 Voucher
$75 for ten months - $105 voucher plus one 50% off item

Club agreement/waiver
By subscribing for this club I am agreeing that I will fulfill the amount of time that I request. I will ensure that each month my order is emailed to Kylie or placed online by the 20th of each month.
I agree to the $5.95 or 5% postage charges for shipment of my goods every month. If circumstances don't allow me to finish the allotted time requested, I understand that I am no longer eligible to receive the free product. If I have already received the free product I need to pay for these items to be released of my agreement.
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