2019-2020 Demonstrator Training Support Program information
  • Would you like to get more out of Stampin' Up!® and make it a viable business that can support you and your family?
  • Do you struggle to know where to start or what to do consistently?
  • Have you tried to make a go of the business and are getting tired or discouraged with the lack of results?
  • Are you finding that you don't have support from family or friends?
  • Do you lack motivation and discipline?
If you have said yes to any one of the questions above our new training program is going to be so beneficial for you in your progress of getting more from Stampin' Up!®.

Of course there is no secret recipe that will magically give you the business of your dreams, it requires lots of hard work and dedication. However, you are going to be able to hear from over 30 top demonstrators from around the world that have had success with Stampin' Up!® and all in a variety of ways. Some are face to face, some purely online and some a bit of both. The best part is you can take what you need from each speaker and run with the ideas to make them your own.

The toughest part when I was starting to build my business was knowing WHERE to start. And when I did start, was I doing the right thing? Was it really going to help me build a business in the long run? Or was I wasting precious time that could be spent with friends and family? Then as I started progressing in the business, new challenges started to arise. The feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome rose up. Pressure to keep performing and then I started losing sight of what made me and my family happy. I was becoming a work-a-holic and really unbalance. Unhealthy mentally and physically. No one can prepare you or help you through these situations unless they have walked the walk.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been doing this for a while and seeing success - this group will support you through those times. A sounding board to ask questions, celebrate success, help others (that in turn helps you) There really is nothing like this program.

You may be wondering - why does it run for a whole year? Can't I just do a month or two?

I have seen in my experience that we can keep consistent for a while, but very quickly we start to lose steam. When we get to the point of complete inactivity - so does our business! It runs for a year so that you can truely be accountable to put everything you can into making your business a success. When you apply what is in this program for a whole year - YOU WILL SEE CHANGES. This in turn will motivate you to keep going and will get that ball rolling to an awesome, flexible and exciting business.

What will you gain from joining my training program?

The programs runs from the 1st October 2019 to the 30th September 2020. This year we have changed a few things based on feedback and our own research. We have DECREASED the price of the training program. WHAT?? Yes we have lowered the price so that more can take part and because more are joining every year. Most business would increase the price as demand increases, however we know how awesome this program is and we want as many as possible to be able to take advantage of it.

Every month you will receive a minimum of four demonstrator talks. These demonstrators are from a variety of situations, some that have just earned their first trip - to veterans that have been running a successful Stampin' Up!® business for years. Some talks will be helpful from a creative point of view and some for online support and assistance.

Each month we will set you a challenge for you to take part in. These challenges will push you RIGHT OUT of your comfort zone. However if you want to see success or an increase in your business these challenges will help you to see what is possible when you try new things.

We cheer each other on - we talk about our highs and lows, what we are struggling with and what we are proud of.

You will connect and network with many in the group that will support and buddy up with you. Find your mentor or friend that will push you to be greater than what you are now.

So what are you waiting for? We are here to support you in your goals. Growing a business takes time and effort but also you need to invest so that you can learn the skill you require to turn it into something you desire. Why not learn from those that have succeeded as these are the people who have proved it can be done AND know how to do it. This is your golden ticket to see the same results for yourself.


  • Full Payment - $300 AUD for 12 months (Two months free)
  • Subscription $30AUD a month for twelve months
PLEASE NOTE: There is NO CANCELLATION available - you are signing up for a FULL 12 months. Payment information will be sent around mid to end September 2019. 
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